First Snow 09

Work was canceled for today because it is snowing. I was content to lie in the bed a little longer, but the phone kept ringing and I had to get up. Is that a sign of age? As a kid if I heard there was no school, I couldn't get ready fast enough to go play in the snow. Now I'm like, It's snowing? Hum, I can get a little more sleep. :-)

When I got up, I reached for my camera and my tripod. I wanted to see what I could photograph from inside my house. I do want to go outdoors and get some really interesting shots but it's still snowing and I have to find protective gear for my camera and for myself! I don't like being cold.

The black and white picture was my first shot of the snow from indoors. Here's a color shot - taken from my back door. I tweaked it some in Picnik.

Well, I guess I'll be able to watch the inauguration after all. And finish the last two things on yesterday's "to-do" list.


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