Dinner's Ready...Finally

I was busy running between my computer room and the kitchen trying to do too many things at once, but finally, finally dinner is ready.

I didn't have anymore red beans in the pantry so I couldn't make my rice and peas, so I just have my coconut rice. The only beans I could find, with the exception of my stash of dried beans, was soy beans (edamame). Never had those before, but it was worth a try. The curry chicken was pretty descent, but it tastes way better when you cook it slow like you're supposed to. I'll do that on another day. And the baked sweet potatoes were delicious. A farmer friend of ours always grows some really nice potatoes that they cure out so they're richer and just better than the ones you see most grocery stores and other farmers have. Even the skin is a different color.

Here's my plate. I really wanted something green up there, but I'm about tired of collard greens right now and I was too lazy to search the freezer down to find something else.

I know I mentioned submitting recipes, but I'm a little too tired for that right now. Plus I made a deal with myself that if I completed a certain portion of my work for my job (without the interruption of the t.v.) I could crochet before bedtime. I'm working on this baby blanket for my little cousin. The details are on my other blog. I won't spend time on this one talking about my craft-side.

Now for a cup of tea! I think tonight it will be Lemon and Chinese Ginger or Peach tea. I'll be drinking it out of my new mug that my aunt made. She's into pottery now.

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