Days 7-9

I've been faithful to my Amish Cinnamon Bread Starter. Ever since I fed it on Day 6, I've spent the last 3 days just squeezing it. Twice the bag blew up like a big balloon and I feared that it would explode, leaving a fermented sticky mess all over my kitchen. So, I released some of the air (which smelled like beer - yuck!) to prevent that from happening. Tomorrow I will feed the starter again and then split it into four servings. With one of the servings I will add the remaining ingredients to make the bread. With the other servings I will find someone to give it to. I may put one serving in the freezer so that I can make this bread again. Freezing it will stop the fermenting process and will allow me to make this bread when I have the time for it. My schedule is getting really busy really fast!

Now I'm off to complete some online writing training for work and I'm going to pan fry a steak, which I rarely eat.


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