Color Block Scarf

The day I started my traveling scarf piece, I started a new scarf with the same basic V-stitch. It will be a skinny scarf this time. I decided to make it in blocks of colors. I'm about halfway done, give or take some rows. My plan is to finish the 19 rows of this natural color by Caron and then do a block in the chocolate brown. Afterwards, I will reverse the colors so that it is balanced (*again, the math in me*) and finish with the chocolate brown on the end.

The turquoise and chocolate brown are both Red Heart Soft Yarn, but I couldn't find a pink and shade of white in that yarn, so I had to purchase it by Caron. They both more or less have the same sheen, but I really prefer sticking with the same brand for one project even though they are the same weight.

I will work on this piece as often as I can and then I probably don't need to start too many new projects because of the knitting class that starts next week, and also because someone asked me to make their granddaughter a baby shawl for Easter. I'm already looking at pattern choices....


  1. love the block idea, I might make one like that myself!

    I just finished 2 pet sweaters, which is a big relief. I get so anxious to finish a project, specially if it's a custom order.



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