Chunky Twist Scarf


I made a scarf on Friday evening, but I wanted to add some fringe to it. This was the first experience with fringing. I ended up cutting the fringe to 3 inches because I wanted to scarf to be unisex. I asked around and I know some men wear fringed scarves, but apparently not as many with the long fringe like we ladies do! :-)

The scarf is made out of Bernat's Chunky Softee Twist yarn. I used the taupe and white blend. I was also working on a solid taupe toboggan to match, but I kept messing up, so I knew it was time to put that piece up, take a nap, and try it again later. I want to make a hat/scarf set.

I've been searching and I've found lots of great patterns to make. It's exciting, but I must put this crocheting aside for a bit and finish my other work - the paid kind! :-)

Until then...

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  1. I use a DVD case to cut the fringe, I just wrap the yarn around and cut it up - easy and I also like the length of it.

    There are tons of patterns online, it's crazy to even decide which one to choose...

    I like your scarf and also like the color you picked. :o)

    **I'll check out your profile on later.


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