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Calling All Designers, Writers....

My Traveling Scarf is Back

Opal Twist Memory Handbag

Messenger/Laptop Bag Giveway

Tigerlily's Hosting a Giveaway

2nd Handbag Update

Handbag Update

So Little Time...

It's Finally Here!

She Wanted a Hat to Match!


And Then There Were More...

I Looked, Touched, But Did Not Buy...

Yay! I've Been Treasurized.

Making a List, Checking it Twice (Pt. I)

5 Feet of Polka Dots

It's Official. I'm Going On a Diet.

I'm Covered!

I Don't Know What's Come Over Me, But

One For the Road

Be Bold. Wear Red.

Thanksgiving 2009

"Caught, Brown-Handed!"

Ummm, Cider!

Hot Apple Cider

Saturday Update

"He Never Sleeps"

Salmon on Saturday

Another "In-Between" Meal

It Was Good

Time for Brunch

Tying Up Loose Ends

Broiled Citrus Tuna with Rice and Steamed Spinach

Broiled Citrus Tuna with Rice and Spinach

Caroline's Coin Purse