Something Hot

I love hot chocolate. Not the watered down kind like Swiss Miss, but rich, thick hot chocolate - made from milk. I've tasted some really good hot chocolate, some that I enjoyed but can't afford on a regular and some that I can. One in particular is Nestle's Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate. What makes Mexican chocolate unique is that it has cinnamon in it. This chocolate comes in disks that have perforations. Each section spells a letter in the word "abuelita" which means "grandmother" in English.

Making this hot chocolate is real simple. You just warm the milk on the stove. Grate the chocolate in the milk. You can add about 1/2 tsp. of sugar and 1/2 of cinnamon if you like. I didn't add any more sugar because there's some in the chocolate, but I added a little more ground cinnamon. Once I poured the hot chocolate in the mug, I stirred it with a stick of canela - Mexican cinnamon stick. No, this cinnamon stick isn't like the ones you buy on the regular spice aisle. You have to purchase it in the "Latin Foods" section of your grocer or go to a tienda or mercadito that sells them. These are much more inexpensive, but the flavor is slightly different as well.

Go ahead. Give it a try!

Still not convinced? Check out this video. Um, yeah, it's in Spanish!


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