One of My Meatless Moods...

I cannot deny the fact that I am a meat eater. The thing is, I don't always eat meat with every meal and when I do eat meat it's usually small portions. Sometimes I get where I can't stand the sight or thought of eating meat. But then that passes. I've been asked why I don't just go ahead and become a vegetarian or at least a pescatarian, but you know I think one of the hardest parts of making that type of commitment is that you're doing just that. The fact that you are telling yourself that you will not eat certain things. There's something about the human mind that rebels when it is told that it can't have certain things, even if it wouldn't have them ordinarily. So for now, I'm just content eating spells and in moderation. If one day I change my mind, like I'm prone to do, then know that I did just that - changed my mind. :-)

Today I am without a voice. My throat was a little scratchy over the weekend, but after a long day of talking at work (my job is virtually impossible to do without talking) my voice went out. Earlier today I whispered or wrote tons of sticky notes, smiled, and used hand gestures. So, when I got home I knew I wanted something hot to drink and eat, but I was in one of those meatless moods and also not in a mood to do any heavy cooking.

I've been craving sweet potatoes lately. Isn't that odd? Who craves a sweet potato? I decided to bake a few: eat one for dinner and save the rest. I also took out a small package out of the freezer of my grandma's cooked salad that she gave me over the Thanksgiving holidays. I love her greens! By the time my sweet potatoes were done (and sprinkled with a little brown sugar and cinnamon), I had thawed and heated the greens through and made a cup of peppermint herbal tea. Peppermint tea works wonders; maybe it'll help my voice come back sooner.

I don't know if I'll get hungry before the night's up. Probably I will. But at least I can say that I got some good nutrients in and loads of potassium!

(Grandma's delicious cooked salad. Yum Yum!)


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