I've Started on Another Blanket

I went to Michael's craft store to purchase some more yarn for my other cousin's blanket. I wanted to use a new pattern because I got tired of making this other one that everyone else likes. Try something new, right? So anyways, I found this transitional boucle yarn at JoAnn's that I thought was beautiful. The problem was/is that I'm not experienced in using this kind of yarn and it was very hard to see my stitches, so I scratched off that pattern and that yarn. That's how I ended up in Michael's.

I found a baby blanket book that had enough patterns in it that I liked to warrant a purchase, so I got it and some really soft baby yarn. I made a few wrong turns when I first started the blanket that I didn't realize until I had gotten further into the blanket, but I humbled myself and took all those rows out and practically started over. I still have a ways to go because this pattern is so detailed, but here are a few pictures of the beginning rows.


  1. that's a beautiful pattern!
    I tend to do the same thing over and over again... I hate reading patterns... lol

  2. I learned almost all of my stitches by observation. I took it upon myself to learn to read patterns to give myself some more options. It's been a bumpy road...


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