Fellowship at Fatz

Some ladies at my church and I were invited by some sisters from another church in our district to have a fellowship lunch at Fatz. It was really as enjoyable occasion. We talked, laughed, shared our stories, and just had a really good time.

I rarely eat out unless I'm out of town, so going to Fatz was another special treat. You know I had my camera stashed in my purse (not my professional one, of course) so I was able to get a couple of snapshots of some of the dishes we had the opportunity to try.

Firecracker Sticks - Appetizer (We all halved this and tried it. It was really good. So good in fact that my mom ended up ordering it for her entree. She ate two and brought the rest home to daddy. Isn't that romantic!)
Check out this hamburger presentation! This was someone else's entree!
This was my choice: shrimp cakes on a bed of stoneground grits. This was really an appetizer that I made my entree. Oh my goodness, the sauce was amazing with this!
Another person's choice - the sampler platter.I think this was probably the healthiest platter of all - grilled salmon, steamed veggies.Again, I had a really great time. And no one laughed when I whipped out my camera. They were glad that I had remembered to bring one. Everybody else forgot. So, even though it's not included on this blog, the group of us ladies took a picture together before we left. Fellowship is a good thing.


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