Dinner At Andry's

Oh, my. I was invited to attend a dinner at the home of one of my new found friends from Peru. Andry. She invited a small group of us to her home to taste some of her Peruvian cuisine. She warned us beforehand that she was not a chef, but I don't know why people throw out comments like that when they know that they can really cook.

She and her husband spent the afternoon cooking these wonderful dishes. If you haven't figured it out by now, Spanish culture is fascinating to me. As I mingle amongst people from different Spanish-speaking or Portuguese-speaking countries, I'm learning how they are similar and how they are very different - especially when it concerns food and spices.

Tonight we ate in courses. Our first course was Papa de la Huancaína. They were sliced Yukon Gold potatoes served on lettuce leaves, topped with a sauce and a slice of boiled egg. As Andry served us this dish, she explained the history of the dish and how it got its name. Very informative.
The next course was Lomo Saltado. The plate was filled one side with rice and the other side was layered with fried potatoes, beef, and vegetables.
After that, we had some Arroz con leche. Very much like rice pudding. There were golden raisins inside.
There wasn't room to eat anymore. (I was the only one who didn't finish what I had anyways. I have lots of "doggie bags".) But, Andry and her husband served us a huge slice of Peruvian Panneton, very similar to the Italian Pannetone. Since I stayed a little after the others left, Lucho (Andry's husband) made me some café con leche to take home.
I almost forgot that during dinner, although there were sodas galore, everyone tried the Chicha Morrada - a drink made from blue corn. It was delicious!!!
I had such a great time tonight. I'm glad I didn't let my headache from earlier stand in my way from coming to this special dinner. We shared lots of our personal stories, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more!


  1. You make me very envious of your wonderful and skilled friends!

  2. Alhana, you are also one of my skilled Flickr friends. :-)

  3. Okay, I'm really hungry now.. but I'm about to head to my kitchen to whip up a southern style "suppa".


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