A Day of Discovery

I went out to take care of some business in a neighboring county this morning and I made my quick to-do list so that I could make the most of my time. In my going and comings I decided to stop by the Fresh Market. That store rocks! Everytime I go in that store I feel special. It's okay to walk slowly and browse with your basket on your arm. (In all fairness I guess you would have to because the aisles are very narrow and crowded.) But even still, there's a certain ambiance in that place that makes you feel really classy, even if you're just buying a box of tea or a loaf of bread.

I was buying neither of those items, but I did want to check out and see if they had the Spike seasoning in. And they did. I had to look behind some other spices to find it, but it was there. I wonder if someone put it there (like I do sometimes) to hide it until they could get back. Well, there were two and I got mine. I also purchased some Chinese 5 spice seasoning. I saw Sunny Anderson from the Food Network's Cooking for Real using it in one of her dishes. Even from my kitchen looking on the t.v. it looked as if that spice was good. I'll give it a try. I purchased some fresh ginger (I want to add a little fresh ginger to my lemon and ginger tea to kick it up a bit) and some cocoa and caramel macchiato coffee packages. They'll make nice little gifts for the holidays.

I finished my errands in the other stores and headed home. I decided that it was time to clean out the refrigerator. After everything was nice and clean, I heated up a bowl full of that stew beef I made in the crockpot a little while back. Earlier I had put two servings in the freezer and left one serving in the refrigerator for a more recent time like today. Let me tell you, that stew beef was even better. I guess sitting in that fridge just helped it marinate. I don't know, but I do know that I'm licking my spoon!
(See, I didn't even take the time to "pretty-up" the picture by wiping off the sauce from the sides of the bowl. There just wasn't enough time for that!)


  1. That stew looks so yummy! I make some Japanese rice curry (you can cook it with or without meat) that looks very similar to your stew and is also spicy :)


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