Trying Something New

Today we were out of work because it was Veteran's Day. At first I had purposed to take the morning (at least) to go out on a photo shoot. I've been wanting to take some Autumn pictures before the season closes. No such luck today. I was in a cleaning, crafting mood, so I spent most of the day juggling between the two activities. Although I worked and rested intermittently, there's still so much more to do indoors. (I would need a lot more consecutive Veteran's Days to complete those tasks.)

For dinner, I looked (you guessed it) on my favorite recipe site: for a shrimp stirfry recipe utilizing the ingredients that I thought I had in the house. Turns out, I found a great recipe, but didn't have any shrimp! And it wasn't on sale. So, chicken it was. The recipe for Szechwan Shrimp was delicious. I'll have to give that cook 5 stars when I actually make it again - with shrimp!

Sometime last week while browsing the Asian food section in the grocery store, I decided to purchase some bean threads. Didn't know what they were (still really don't but they're made from mung bean???), but out of the few items that looked like it on the shelf, it had the least amount of sodium (10mg) and almost nothing else. I wondered if it would be tasteless and for less than two bucks I would find out.

And I did. I finished the stir fry, chopped up the reconstituted bean threads, and added them into the pan. was delicious!!!

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  1. that looks wonderful, but the other looks like strings of plastic, but I'm sure they were good.


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