A Time for Beans...

When I finally got home from work, I started a pot of beans. Well, actually, it was the recipe I mentioned on yesterday: Heidi Swanson's Baby Lima Soup with Chipotle Broth recipe. As I am the queen of subsitutions, I used the bean I had on hand - navy beans. My favorite.

I didn't want to be cooking beans all night, so I used my waterless pressure-cooker pot. I pretty much followed the recipe to the "t" with the exception of using a different bean. Being brave, I threw in two chipotle peppers, and quickly removed one of them after sampling the broth. Yeah, it had some kick back there. Whew! I used the sea salt mentioned in the recipe, but it was missing something so I had to add a little table salt.

Let's just get right to it:

Slicing up the onions
Sauté cebollas, sauté!
My big 'ol pot of beans...
Time to eat (and no, I didn't add more s&p)
All gone!

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