The Soup is Done!

While I was completing the previous blog, the kitchen timer sounded to let me know to get myself back into the kitchen. While I blended the ingredients together and heated them through again in a saucepot, I put a couple pieces of twisted garlic bread in the oven.

The soup was delicious. For those that wonder if I ate the whole bowl that I photographed, the answer is no. My serving was in a much smaller bowl, and I only ate 1 1/2 pieces of garlic bread. Delicious! Heidi Swanson has some really good dishes. Thanks, Mark for bringing this recipe to my attention. I hope your soup was as good as mine.


  1. This looks very very tasty. I had to hold off looking at this until I wasn't hungry. Love the lighting and how you stuck that bread stick in there. Also the warm color on the overall picture makes everything look cozy and inviting. Now how can I get a sample of it?


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