Ooh Dinner Was Good

Despite my sore throat, I was able to enjoy my Saturday dinner at O'Charley's. This week I've been trying to become more conscious again of what I am eating or not eating. I've noticed that I've had quite a few meatless meals lately, which is fine, but I still need to make sure I'm getting enough calories and the right nutrients.

A few friends and I went to O'Charley's and we all ordered really healthy meals. I won't tell you about theirs, but mine was great! I had Fresh Atlantic Grilled Salmon, steamed broccoli with this lemon juice sauce, and a bowl of potato soup. The strawberry lemonade was really good too. And the conversation was out of this world - good conversation always makes the meal time a pleasant experience, but I digress.

Again, I'm sorry that there isn't a visual, but just know that the presentation was deliciously wonderful, just as wonderful as the meal itself. If I go back to O'Charley's I would order that dish combination again, but more importantly, you know I've got to try it at home, right? I love home-cooked meals. (Oh and when I get home I can't wait to try another Heidi Swanson recipe recommended to me by my buddy, Mark. It's a chipotle lima bean soup.) Ummm....


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