Having Fun Baking Bread

I was invited for a Thanksgiving luncheon recently and I decided to bake something "Thanksgiving-like." So, I decided to bake some pumpkin bread. Ok, I've never baked pumpkin bread, but I found this really tasty-sounding recipe on Allrecipes.com and I needed a reason to try it out. It was Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread. I don't know how authentic it is since I've never been to Maine, but I'll the cook's word for it.

It was a really quick recipe to make. My only addition was 1 tsp. of vanilla extract, per the other reviewers' suggestion. I also baked the bread in two 9x5 loaf pans instead of 3 7x3 pans as the recipe requested. Let's just say that I'm super glad that I had two loaf pans.

Check this out. I had the two pans of bread in the oven. I kept checking them every five minutes after they had baked for 45 minutes because by using larger pans, I was going to have to cook the bread for longer than the recipe time. As I was checking the bread, I decided one pan should come out of the oven. The phone rang. I tried to talk to my aunt on the phone and use my Pampered Chef oven mits to get the pan out. Somehow the bread pan wasn't secure in the gloves and it hit the floor!

Let's just say that I served the other one. :-) Bottom line, when you're tired, crazy stuff like that is more prone to happen. And also never talk on the phone while doing important tasks like measuring or taking things out of the oven. It's better to be safe than sorry.

I thought the bread had a delicious spice taste. I'm sure it would go really well with coffee.



  1. Ohh my goodness you're killing me over here I LOVE PUMPKIN BREAD!!! Boy do I wish I could taste it. How much would you charge to bake and send a loaf?


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