A Day Off

This weekend I'm attending a weekend workshop and so I decided to take a day off of work for myself. I had all kinds of plans. Oh, I was going to leave home early and take my time getting to my workshop destination. You know when you're traveling alone you can stop whenever you want at places you often pass by. I planned to stop and take some pictures in a few places, look for this Twinings Lemon and Ginger tea that a friend gave me that I can't seem to find, and stop by a few camera shops. Oh yeah, and upgrade my cellphone. It's on its last leg.

All of those things were plans. The reality was that I was dog tired. My body was determined to get the last say, and when the rain started pouring down, that was it. I was out. Sleep called my name, and getting out of the bed and fulfilling all of those "plans" was now a thing of the past.

When I finally left town, I was just a hair-breath ahead of the school traffic. I made a few stops looking for that darn tea. (Still can't find it - in the capital city!) But I finally got to my destination.

One cool thing about this "day off" is that I got the opportunity to remeet one of my college classmates. We had the opportunity to reminisce about "the good 'ol days!" 10 years gone by. Wow! Anyways, that was great.

So, even though this "day off" didn't turn out like I expected, it still was a really good day.


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