An Afternoon at Umpstead Park

In the Saturday session we spent the first half of the day completing indoors activities dealing with soil. We learned what soil consists of and had opportunities to explore separating some living and nonliving things found in soil. It was fun to watch people squirm when they discovered earthworms! At one point I was looking at two earthworms in a bucket and then I took my eye away for a moment and when I looked back, one earthworm had crawled halfway out of the container and the other one was gone! It was discovered shortly thereafter crawling on the table about two people away. Boy that sucker was fast!

After lunch (I had a baked potato with some fixings and a small salad - sorry no pictures), we spent the rest of the afternoon at Umpstead Park really getting our hands dirty. Well, they got their hands dirty, while I had my hands wrapped around my camera. I partly wanted to makeup for missing my photo op while I was "resting" and I also was feeling not like myself (hey, I'm entitled to being moody sometimes right?) but I was hanging in there - being a teamplayer and all.

Here are a few of those shots:


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