Whew! I just finished washing a mess-load of dishes. I never really liked doing dishes, but someone wise once said to me that you shouldn't complain about things that have to be done. So if you cook, dishes are a natural part of that. Oh well.

Today I thought that I would try my hand at making and processing my own marinara sauce, using fresh produce from my garden. (Why don't I try these things on the weekend.) Anyways, I boiled a huge stockpot of water while I was washing my stash of tomatoes. Once I boiled the tomatoes for about a minute, I gave them an ice-cold bath in the sink. This helps the tomato peels come off easily.

Taking the tomato peels off and seeding the tomatoes was one messy process. Ewww! I pureed most of the tomatoes and chopped the rest. I added the tomato mixture to a sauteed pot of onions, green bell peppers (from my garden), and garlic. Then I added my spices, brought it to a boil, and now it's simmering for like 4 hours!!!

Even though I used a bunch of tomatoes, after it was pureed and then started cooking down, I realized that there would be no use of canning this batch. I plan to freeze most of it and use one portion for a meal this week.

It has been fun, but oh, the dishes! Good thing they're done. I had to use a whole lot of self-talk and willpower to get it done though.


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