The Sauce is Done!

Now, I know it's been a while since I mentioned the marinara sauce that I proposed to make from my tomatoes, but I just wanted to write a brief update letting you know that it is done. I thought I might have tried to can (for the first time) a few jars of sauce, but there wasn't as much sauce as I had anticipated. I did however get 7 cups of sauce, which I froze in smaller portions.

Now I'm done with the ripened tomatoes. I have picked all of the remaining tomatoes, even though they're green, because I heard that they would be destroyed once the frost hit. Humm...I wonder what fried green tomatoes really taste like?

* On another note, I jogged 2 miles today. I gave one of my colleagues an entry form for the Seaboard 5-miler so I guess that means I definitely have to participate as well. My form is complete, but I haven't written and mailed in a check. The good thing is, the mp3 player that I dropped and thought was on the outs, is now working, so I can have some good music to listen to during the race event. I'll let you know how it goes - it's on the 25th.


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