Hurray for Fall!

Okay, I know it's been fall, or autumn as some might prefer to say, for a few weeks now. But I want to express my deep love for this season. All seasons have their own beauty, but this one in particular is my favorite. I love the temperature, and the change in colors is absolutely fabulous! Another thing I love, is the chance to make and sample some delicious soups!!! I don't like the soups with a thin broth, but rather the ones that are sort of thick.

One of my neighbors grew a crop of butternut squash and I've been waiting patiently for mine to ripen so that I can make a butternut squash soup. I haven't found the recipe that I want to try, but I did purchase a V8 Butternut Squash soup to see if I liked that taste before I tried it on my own squash. Let me just say, DELICIOUS!!! Out of the store-bought butternut squash soups, the V8 version is the one with the least amount of sodium. (I've gotten accustomed to reading labels these days.) The flavors were great and the price wasn't bad either.

Now, I feel that I am ready to try out my own recipe. Happy Fall!!!


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