Health Update:

Every year the FirstHealth hospital in my town offers a Wellness Day. For $25 you can get a complete blood profile, a few other tests may cost, but for the most part, everything else is free. My mom and I went to the health fair this morning to get the results of our blood profiles and to have them analyzed from the area doctors that offered their expertise. I saw one of my doctors in the bunch, so I waited for him.

When I get my profile, I never look at it. I close it up and wait for the person with the knowledge to explain. That way it saves me some unnecessary panic about numbers that make no sense to me. The doctor was like, you're healthy. Eat some bananas for potassium and keep doing what you're doing because it's working! I was very grateful, thankful, and relieved.

The doctor that gave bone density tests gave a good report too. Apparently since I've been jogging, my bone density have increased. It definitely wasn't as good last year.

When I got home, I jogged a mile. I know it's not much, but I want to do a little something, even when I don't quite feel like it. I'm thinking about participating in the Seaboard 5-miler this month. Um...

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