Going Nuts...

After age 30 I started enjoying eating some foods that I never appreciated before. Nuts is one of those foods. Almonds to be exact. The people in my family thought I was weird - you know, because I didn't eat nuts. My parents always had bags of raw peanuts in the house that they had gotten from the Peanut Factory in my mom's hometown. They were always roasting them and smackin' on them like they were the best! To me, they were disgusting. Even to this day when they have those pie pans of hot peanuts, I may eat one and then I'm done for the year as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what happened though. Like I said, one day after 30 I tried some almonds again and they were absolutely delicious! I don't like them salted down, roasted, dipped in honey. I just like them plain. At work today my student teacher was teaching a lesson on identifying the water and oil content in foods through food rubs. When he chimed in about the benefits of eating nuts, I tuned in extra close. I handed my student teacher this empty can of almonds that I'd been saving for the art teacher's recycling project, but before I got it to him I noticed that it was loaded in POTASSIUM! You know that's the nutrient that I need. Go figure.

When I stopped by my parent's house on the way home from work, I was telling my mom about this new discovery, and she began quickly telling me how to revamp my diet (i.e. how many nuts I should eat at a time, how many to buy each month, how many days I would probably be able to manage to eat them without getting sick of the taste - you know the typical "mothering" talk). Then she said, "Look in that bag on the shelf by the refrigerator." What do you know, she has a bag full of unshelled almonds! Why do moms have everything?

I got my stash, cracked a few nuts, and then rushed home to see if I could get a good picture before eating them. I'm starting to think that there's something seriously wrong with me!


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