Look Mother, Look Father...Rain is Here

I did go out this morning for a very short while. It looked like it rained over in the night or early this morning, but it was not raining when I left to go to our running spot. On the way, however, it started drizzling a little, but it did stop right when we got there. Great. The temperature surely has dropped. I think I'll have to make some accommodations for this fall/winter season.

I wore my new shoes. Even though I didn't run very much, very fast, or very far today, I can already tell that I will like this shoes. That callous on my right foot was not that noticeable. I'm wondering if by lining up my foot it will help my left hip that sometimes hurts. Maybe it's be out of alignment over the last few years. Hum?

Well, there's really not much to write this morning, but I just wanted you to know that I did get up early and I did go out!

Have a great day!


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