Happy Feet

After my weekend session in the capital city, I decided to go to 9th Street Active Feet to get fitted for some new running shoes. My old ones were beat down, AND, I know that they weren't really right for me. It was just the ones I had.

Anyways, I went to 9th Street Active Feet, and I was immediately greeted by one of the shoe professionals. I was surprised that I didn't even have to wait. Maybe because it was Sunday. Fritz waited on me and he was really kind. I also like the fact that I could tell that he knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. He wasn't just trying to sell me anything.

First, Fritz asked me if I had any problems with my feet, ankles, hips, knees, etc or any medical conditions that he should be aware of. I know he couldn't miss that baby bunion and the scar from when I had a bone spur removed last year. Other than that, no problems (that I was aware of). He had me balance on one foot and then watched me walk a couple of times, back-and-forth. He checked out the bottoms of my feet and the bottoms of my flip flops and old sneakers. He just kept saying, "Interesting." That did make me a little nervous. Interesting good or Interesting bad? The verdict - I am a mild over-pronator. Maybe it's genetic. I wouldn't be surprised. Fritz measured my foot and was impressed that both of my feet, although narrow, are exactly the same length!

Well, Fritz came back with four pairs of shoes to match my feet. Honestly, I think he started with the cheaper pair, then the good but not great pair, and lastly the great and real pricey pair - the fourth pair was the same as the latter, but wider. He explained about the amount of room that's supposed to be in the shoe, so he gave me a size up. Wow, my foot looked kind of long there. The first pair of shoes felt so different from my old pair. They were more roomy. I'm used to a more contoured shoe. The second pair felt light as air - I almost couldn't tell I had a shoe on. It was great until I put on the third pair made for narrow feet. Oh, it was great. Fritz let me walk and run around in the store on different surfaces. He told me I could even go outside and try them out - one of my two favorite shoes on each foot. There really was no contest though. As soon as I put on the final pair, I knew he had made a sale. I purchased the Etonic Kendari SC pair in blue and white.

I hope the weather is nice out in the morning because I can't wait to try these shoes out!


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