Getting Back on the Wagon, So to Speak

I don't really like running outside in my yard because it's a rough, uneven surface. (Hey landscaper's prices are pretty steep.) Today, however, I decided to force myself to do it anyways, so I grabbed my mp3 player, forwarded it to a good selection of songs and off I went (in my new shoes).

Like I said, it was pretty rough. But since I've been off track lately with the rainy mornings and all, I told myself that I would have to jog 30 minutes - regardless. So I did. There's a place in my yard that's the most uneven and it goes downhill and then when it dips back up, it takes some serious energy (for me anyways) to keep at a steady pace and to keep my balance. After about the third lap, I decided to run it a little differently. Right before I got to that place, I pushed harder going downhill so that when I turned that curve I was already past that entire section before I slowed it back down to my regular pace. I don't know if my description makes any sense, but I will say that doing that made me get around my house 32 times in 30 minutes.

Unfortunately when I drove around my house to calculate that distance (after-the-fact), one lap was not 0.1 miles, so I had to do some old-fashioned math. For those of you who love word problems, here's one for you:

It takes 455 of Libby's feet to measure 1 lap around her house. Measuring from the bottom of her sneaker to the top of her sneaker is 11 inches. Libby ran 32 times around her house in 30 minutes. How many miles did she run?

(Insert Jeopardy Theme Song Here...)

Time's up!

Did you get 2.5778 miles? If you did, you are CORRECT!!!!

Here's the solution:

1. It takes 455 of my feet to make 1 lap around my house.
2. My foot (from the bottom to the top of my sneaker) is 11 inches.
3. Multiply 455 by 11. That product is 5005 inches.
4. Divide 5005 by 12 to calculate the distance around the house in feet. You should get 417.0833 feet.
5. I ran 32 laps.
6. Multiply 417.0833 by 32. That product is 13346.67. This tells you how many feet I ran.
7. There are 5,280 feet in a mile.
8. Divide 13346.67 by 5280 to figure out the amount of miles ran.
9. That quotient is.....2.527778 miles.

And you thought you didn't like Word Problems!


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