Yes, I Did Jog

I didn't blog yesterday, but I did want it to go on record that I did jog yesterday morning.

I spent many, many hours in preparation for work and I didn't end up going to bed to around 1:00 A.M. (I'm working still to quit doing that, but it was necessary to make that first day back to work successful.) In my mind I was going to try and jog after hours, but my jogging buddy wanted to go in the morning, to keep our routine going. (In fairness, she also went to bed earlier than I.) I conceded and went out jogging. We went a little earlier yesterday (around 5:15 A.M.) because we had to get back home and out again to go to work earlier than we did on last week. Personally, I needed to be to work around 7:00 A.M.

We had to "cheat" a little and not do the Day 1 as it was outlined. I'm sure we'll have to make it up later. This is Week 9 - the final week in "The Program." Day 1 of Week 9 consists of walking briskly for 5 minutes and then jogging for 30 minutes. We ended up repeating Day 3 of Week 8 because we didn't have enough time to complete all 30 minutes, do a cool down, and stretch. But we did exercise, and that's what counts, right?

It was kind of humid out, but I still pressed on. We separated a little on yesterday, and I think I did all right, all things considering.


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