A Word for the Wise

Today was a very loooonnnnnggg day! Work started off with doing a lot of teambuilding activities at a local 4-H camp for half of the day and then we were in meetings for the second half of the day. After I regrouped, I realized that I would have to push myself to go get a few things from the grocery store, or rather Walmart, in order to be able to prepare the meals I had selected for this week.

Before I headed back out of the house, I knew in my heart of hearts that I would not be making that baked tilapia dish that I had planned. So here's my word for the wise: Never go grocery shopping on the day you have to prepare the meals needed with said grocery! I don't really like buying too many take-out foods, but I decided to make a compromise with myself. I would buy take-out, but it would be as close as I could get to what I had intended to prepare. And that's what I did. So tonight, I'm feasting on broiled flounder, steamed rice and vegetables, and a half of a baked potato. A roll and small tossed salad also came with this meal, but I'll save the rest for tomorrow's lunch. Or maybe not. I might have to eat it for dinner because it's nothing like smelling something fishy in a meeting. And there's another long one tomorrow.

I hope to get to bed early again. I plan to work some on my job's website, read a little, and then call it a night.

Sweet Dreams!


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