The Value in Planning

I know that many times life can be unpredictable and that we have to learn to be flexible, but at this very moment I'm finding the value in planning (some things). For the last hour, I've been planning out my weekly meals. It has been an awfully tedious task that I hope gets better with time, but I'm trying to stick to my health and nutrition goals even though I'm about to start work again and fall into the fast-paced, potentially stress-filled schedule. I don't want to regress.

So, I started a weekly meal guide through Meals Matter. I began first by completing a Food Personality Quiz. It's a really simple multiple choice quiz that lets you see what types of meals you like to prepare, then the search engine gives you a list of recipes in Meals Matter that fit your personality. It just narrows down your search. After I got a couple of ideas, I made my weekly meal schedule, repeating some meal options like breakfast and lunch, and then allowed the computer to create a shopping list for me. I deleted the items online that I already have in my pantry or freezer and then printed out a printer-friendly shopping list to take with me on tomorrow.

Maybe by doing this faithfully, I'll have a variety of quick and healthy meals at my disposal. And perhaps I won't fall out of love of cooking anytime soon. I know way too many burnt out cooks (mostly moms)!


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