Shoe Hunting

I've noticed some discomfort on the ball of my right foot underneath my big toe. Maybe it's due to this bunion that's been trying to form for years. Maybe I need better shoes. Maybe it's both. Who knows. I think I'll invest in some more shoes to see what happens. I'm still paying off the podiatrist for a bone spur removal earlier on that same foot. I'd rather pay 60 bucks (or more) for a pair of shoes.

So now I'm thinking, how do I buy a good pair of running shoes? Most sales clerks that I encounter don't know the products they sell. Maybe I should qualify that statement a little, because I don't want to offend. Most sales clerks that I encounter don't know the products they sell. Where I live, many of the clerks are teenagers and usually when I ask a question, the response is, "I don't know" and then I'm left on my own to find the answers. It's been no different with purchasing shoes. My jogging buddy bought some new sneakers last week and is somewhat dissatisfied with her purchasing experience. She went to an athletic shoe store and the clerks just pointed her in the direction of the running sneakers and she was left to make a decision. I don't want that for myself.

I heard about this store called Fleet Feet. The salespeople there are trained to help you find the pair of shoes that fits your foot structure and your function. I don't know if the shoe prices are higher because of this, but I'd sure love for someone to help me out. I guess in the meantime I'll use my old sneaks!


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