Searching for Mr. Right (Vitamin that is)

Every year I have a blood profile test done. The local hospital always hosts a health fair in the fall and for only $25 you can get a complete blood screening. It's wonderful and it beats paying all that money for getting all those areas checked. At any rate, I usually bring my last year's profile to the fair so that when the doctors and LPNs are explaining your results, they can compare it to the previous year's results to see if things are changing.

I have to admit that more than once I've been told to eat some bananas (for potassium) and that I was borderline anemic. I do realize that oftentimes the test data is skewed in that each ethnic group has its own set of numbers. What is considered "normal" for one group is not necessarily the same as another group. But anyways, I do want to do my part in getting out of the yellow. (The doctors always highlight the "abnormal" in yellow.)

Since I don't swallow pills, I was directed to this wonderful multivitamin, liquid multivitamin I might add, made by Nature's Plus. It's called Source of Life Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplements with Whole Food Concentrates. Wow, such a long title. Anyways, it's packed with all of these vitamins and minerals and for those of you that are vegetarian, it's also vegetarian. I started taking this particular vitamin after my dad endured two consecutive rounds of pneumonia last year and was presented with this vitamin to boost his immune system. After taking it myself for 2 weeks, my doctor checked my blood and said that my count was going up!

The downside to this wonderful supplement is that it has to be refrigerated. That makes traveling difficult, so with all of the moving around I was doing this summer, I wasn't taking my vitamins like I should. This week, I finally ran out of my last bottle of Source of Life and I didn't want to go out of town to The Vitamin Shoppe where I normally purchase this product, so I had to go to the high-priced local vitamin and herb shop in town. As fate would have it, they were all out of my product, so they suggested an even better liquid vitamin - VM-100 Complete by Buried Treasure. They said it had more mineral supplements than the one by Nature's Plus and this one was cheaper. Although I was trying to read the label while the shop owners were talking, two things I didn't see on the label this morning were potassium and iron - the two things I was really needing!

When I visited one of my aunt's this summer, she gave me some of her supplement. She takes Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health. It is also packed with nutrition, although it also does not have any iron in it. My aunt mixes hers with soy protein powder, so there's some iron in that. I have a little baggie of that mixture that I keep in the freezer. One scoop of this added into your favorite beverage is all you need, and it doesn't taste that bad either. The downside to this supplement is that it's expensive.

The vitamin shop owners told me that whatever I end up taking (vitamin/mineral supplement), that I should rotate maybe every quarter of the year so that my body doesn't become immune to it. Now I know that when I take the VM-100, I better make sure I eat my bananas and liver or iron-fortified cereals!


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