Saturday's Dinner

So my mom kept her word and cooked the squash from my garden. Usually she sautés it with onions in a cast-iron frying pan, but because one of the squash was old she decided to use this other method of sautéing the onions and boiling the squash. Don't tell her, but I prefer it sautéed, but I'm not cooking it, right?

I decided to take a little nap today, which is something I rarely do, because then I can't sleep at night, but I decided to do it anyways. Somewhere in between the tail end of "Scrubs" and something that appeared to be "The Phantom of the Opera" my mom called and invited me to dinner. That's an invitation that I wasn't hardly going to turn down. I really didn't feel like cooking today.

When I got over there, I looked under each pot lid before making my plate. We've never been big on eating together as a family, except for major holidays or when everyone comes home. (That's something I would likely change if I ever have my own family unit.) But since mom was on the phone and dad was just getting in, I went on and made my plate. Eventually dad came in and mom got off the phone, but by then I was well on my way to being half done. (Remember, I eat extremely slowly. I'm always the last one done eating. Always. And especially today because a piece of my very expensive crown broke off! Eating on one side of your mouth is intense. I'll have to call the dentist Monday.)

Mom made chicken and rice, cabbage, corn on the cob, squash, and homemade cornbread. It was quite tasty!


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