Oh Joy!

This morning, the alarm clock started ringing way before I was ready to get up, but then my running buddy called me to see if I was up. So, I was up. (You see I'm still struggling with this getting out of the bed dilemma even though I've discovered that I can get up much faster on those running days. Go figure.) Anyways, after last night's heavy rain, the temperature had significantly dropped. Even as I write this, it's only 72 degrees out.

I was a little distracted as I was driving to our running spot because I wanted my camera so badly. There were so many images that I wished I could capture in pixels in this early morning setting while the dew was still out. Oh well, maybe another day.

When we got to our place, the workers were out. This time I noticed that the structure they've been working on all summer covers up part of the trail that we use, so this spot may be off limits for us. Needless to say, we ended up jogging on the adjacent lot.

Again, it felt good to have someone out there with me, even though I'm learning that sometimes you'll have to go alone. When we did our 5-minute brisk walk we went on and separated, without saying a word. Maybe we knew that we'd be jogging at different paces. I don't know, but we did.

I was amazed that after 5 laps (1 mile) I didn't feel like I needed to push through any negative emotions like I did on previous occasions. Maybe the dropped temperature helped or maybe it was that my running shoes had dried since I washed them this week and I could wear them instead of those other ones. I don't know, but after 1 mile, I began to get excited.

I looked down at my watch and knew that if I didn't do anything else but keep the same pace that I would actually make the 2 mile mark. (I forgot to mention that today's routine was walk briskly for 5 minutes and then jog for 25 minutes.) After the ninth lap, I knew that I might just be able to go a little further than two miles. In my mind, the 5 minute brisk walk shouldn't really count in terms of calculating how much you jogged. So I told myself that if there was a possibility, try to step it up just a little to squeeze in an extra lap, making it a total of 11 laps.

After the tenth lap, I looked at my stopwatch and I had about 2 minutes left. I might just be able to do it. I don't know if I want to consider this running, but let's just say that I did pick up the pace a little. I was even able to almost catch up with my running buddy who was about half of a lap behind me. I remember yelling to her, "You can do it. Only about 20 seconds left and you'll have your two miles!" So she picked up the pace and I picked up the pace. She got her two miles in (including the 5-minute brisk walk) and I ran over about 22 seconds, BUT, I got my extra lap in so today I have officially jogged 2 miles (not including the brisk walk part)!

I called my dad on the way back home and he was like, "Hey, maybe y'all should do a marathon!" The jury's still out on that. I laughed and told my dad to have fun on what he considers a breakfast "date" with my mom, but what my she considers "just an appointment." I won't go any further with that one. My family. That's a whole other blog!

Image: http://hlperson.com/mt/archives/Smiley%20Face.jpg


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