Not Over Until It's Over

My family and my close circle of friends have been dealing with some sudden tragedies lately and it's been difficult. My dad and I went to visit one of our long-time neighbors/friend in the ICU last night. It was very hard to see him in the hospital in a state so far-removed from how he normally appears. But even when things appear bleak to man's eyes, I'm learning that God is the One who has all of the control. He's the One who holds life and death in His hands. We can't always go by what we see to make judgments; we just have to pray expectantly and wait to see the outcome.

Now this may appear to be a strange response to what I wrote above, but after we left the hospital, my dad had been telling me that he knew I finally had a cucumber in my garden. A cucumber that I've been searching for for days and have not yet seen with my own eyes. Last night, Dad was determined to show it to me. He shined his car headlights on the garden and plundered around until he uncovered this cucumber. Then he showed it to me. Like I said before, I had been out there many times looking for that cucumber that I could never find. All I saw was the cucumber leaves starting to turn yellow, in spite of the blooming flowers on the vines. Well, after completing my exercise this morning, I went out to see the cucumber again. And there it was; plain as day. My dad called while I was out there and I told him, "Dad. It's just not over, until it's over." It looked like all hope was lost for those cucumbers, and just by producing one, it gives hope that more will come. So oftentimes you can't judge by what it seems like with the natural eye because our insight is very limited. God is the One who knows all things.

Have a great day!


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