Never Go Shopping While Hungry in the Hottest Heat Ever

The lazy part of me would not allow me to go back outside this morning and run some errands, even though the sensible side of my brain kept saying, "You know it's going to get really hot." Why do we keep listening to that little version of us on our shoulders that tells us to make wrong choices? Well, you know which one I listened to.

I went out in what I consider sweltering heat and once I got downtown I asked myself, "How many of these errands are really that important?" Then I scratched a few things off the list. Who needs milk anyways?

Not going to the grocery store proved really soon to be a mistake. First off, I was already a little hungry when I left the house. Big mistake. At one of the discount stores I really did look for a Gatorade or something of the like to help combat the thirst/heat problem, but all I saw was a bag of Doritos (on SALE) and a Coke near the register. The funny thing is I really don't drink that many sodas anymore. I usually can't even finish one bottle, so it's such a waste to even buy one. (3/4 of the remaining soda is still in my purse.) After about the 5th or 6th Dorito, I didn't even want that either.

As I drove down the highway to my next essential stop, I realized that there really weren't any fast food places that appealed to me. Greasy burgers, fried chicken, or french fries. Burger King, McDonald's, Sonic, Wendy's. It doesn't really matter the place; it's all about the same. Plus in hot heat, my appetite for things like that (especially meat) dissipates quickly. All this pickiness is probably why people assume that I'm thin, but really is just genetic until about 40 or after the women in my family have their last kid. I'm in neither of those categories yet, so I'm holding on for as long as I can.

Well, in spite of all of the other bad thinking, on my way home I thought to stop by 'Las Palmas' - one of the newer taquerias in town. A friend of mine told me that the horchata there was really good too. I also figured that while I waited on my order, I could go to the little shop in the same strip to purchase a calling card to El Salvador. Since I'm going meatless today, I decided to order from the vegetarian menu. I ordered a spinach enchilada with cheese, rice, and beans. Oh, and a large cup of horchata.

Let me tell you, although I did wait until I got home to try the enchilada, I couldn't hold out until then to taste their horchata. Fabulosa! The vanilla, the cinnamon. I wish you could taste it. Well, the enchilada didn't taste half-bad either. Each enchilada was stuffed with spinach, onions, and yellow squash. The rice had carrots, corn, and little green beans in it. I know that I shouldn't have waited so long to eat between meals, but this dish sure beat those burgers and chicken sandwiches any day. I'll be sure to go back to 'Las Palmas' again. And as for the calling card, the store was closed. I've been having trouble getting the right card lately - maybe I'll just write a letter and call it a day!


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