I've Got Produce

My dad stopped by this evening to borrow one of my big pots. My mom's cooking some veggies and wanted to use one of my pots. I gave him some of my bean & barley soup and some oyster crackers to share with my mom. While he was outside, I decided I'd better go check out my garden. (Actually, it was only after my dad asked me if I had any more cucumbers that I decided to check out the garden.)

The first thing I noticed is that one of the jalepeƱo peppers had turned red and fallen off the vine. Then I noticed a couple of the roma tomatoes had started turning red. I saw three and picked those. Oh joy! Then I saw a small celebrity tomato that had started turning red. I picked that one too. The bottom of that one was a sight, but dad said to just cut that part off and eat the top half. We'll see about that.

Anyways, I would have more to show, but I gave my dad the first two roma tomatoes. Maybe they can make a really small salad and use those! Yeah, tomatoes!!!


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