I'm Back

I've been gone from my blog for a few days, but now I'm back. Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was in another workshop. Very informative, but needless to say I didn't get my Monday run in. I thought I'd use the fitness center in the hotel, but by the time we got out of our sessions, I was zonked! Then I thought I'd squeeze it in on Tuesday evening when I returned. But when I got back home, it was already dark. Wednesday will be the day, I said to myself as I checked the alarm clock before going to bed. Nope that wasn't going to work either, I surmised as I looked at the heavy rain pouring down Wednesday morning.

This is all why I have been inactive. But today, there was no rain, only heavy fog, and I was able to go out. The worker guys look like they'd finished their jobs and I was able to jog in peace. My jogging buddy did her Day 1 on Wednesday. She has a treadmill. So, I was alone today. I got my two miles in, although my timing was a little off. That could be contributed to the fact that I had to run a little out of the ways, since the construction crew built something to cover up a part of the original trail and also because I took a few seconds to throw my jacket in the car. It's okay though because I don't do comparisons until I reach Day 3. The current week's Day 3 is when I want to beat my previous week's Day 3 distance.

In terms of my eating pattern, I'm still working on that as well. I think the jogging makes me hungrier. I just have to be better prepared to make sure that I don't go backwards to bad eating practices.


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