A Garden of Plenty

I haven't blogged much lately about my attempt to be a gardener this summer and that's because of the limited supply of actual produce. Up until 15 minutes ago, all I could attest two was two zucchinis. Oh yes, there are lots of green tomatoes, but their growth seems to be stunted and not one of them has ripened yet. All of those glorious yellow flowers on my cucumber plants have yielded nada. The jalapeƱos are about the size of my pinkie fingernail from the tip to the first joint. That won't hardly make a zesty salsa.

Then more rain came. The green leaves on all of the plants seemed to flourish beyond belief. I was having such a difficult time finding a place to walk because of all of those leaves, but still no more produce. My dad came back in town today and his answer for all of my garden's woes was, "more fertilizer."

He's planning to put more fertilizer out on Monday, but I was pleased to see that when I checked on my little garden plot a few minutes ago.....I saw not one, but two yellow squash. One had been out there a little too long and was huge. I guess I overlooked it in all the big squash leaves. The other one was just right.

I drove down to my parents house to let them see and my mom graciously agreed to cook this first fruits. I hope it turns out quite tasty. I can't wait.

Until then...

It's old, but it'll do!

This yellow squash is just right for eatin'!


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