Does Age Really Matter?

I wonder if it's true that as you grow older, you acquire different taste buds? When my brother and I were kids, there were some foods that just didn't taste good to us. But unlike modern parents today, we had to eat those foods anyways. There weren't all these "options" like kids have today. My mom did try to make a few allowances though. I remember her making cheese sauces to drizzle over those veggies that seemed so disgusting. So there wasn't broccoli without cheese. Grits were always accompanied with a spoonful of sugar. And although she didn't make this, if I ever ate nuts there was always some chocolate around them - like in a Snickers bar or a cookie.

As I got older I began to like broccoli (without the cheese), squash is the absolute best now (especially with some onions or mixed with zucchini), grits don't have to have sugar in them, and just recently I've started liking almonds. Not covered in honey, salt, or roasted some special way. Just plain old almonds.

I wonder what other foods I might just start liking? Beets? Ugh!


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