The Danger in Running Alone

I had to run by myself today. And the worker guys were out again. Of course that meant running in a different part of the lot. Shoot, now that meant that I couldn't use the laps to calculate mileage. Oh well, maybe I can get there earlier on Friday or go on Saturday to do Day 3. Day 3 is jogging for 25 minutes. I want to know if I'll get my 2 miles in.

For today though, the agenda was to walk briskly for 5 minutes, jog 10 minutes, walk 3 minutes, and then jog for 10 minutes. So far I've found myself going through the same cycle each day: excitement at the beginning, a little weariness in the middle, pushing through the weariness, and finally excitement at the end. I don't know if that's normal, but that's where I am - normal or not.

I could have gotten hit by a car today, but thank God I did not. On the alternate path, there's a small portion where you have to run on the curb. When I got to that part, a car was using that lane to pass another car so the passing car ended up behind my eyesight. It was strange to feel the warm wind off of that car as it passed by. I wonder if the driver even saw me. At any rate, I'm just thankful - thankful that I didn't miss my step and fall into the road (even just a little), thankful that the car was completely in the lane and not running over into the margin, thankful - period.

The heat is so intense that I can't and do not choose to stay out in it very long. I need to try and get up earlier so I can be out running earlier. Today I did have my Powerade drink (not that soda from the other day!). Staying inside and doing anything - cleaning, organizing, washing dishes, whatever - is better than being out in this heat. So, let me make use of my time and get going.


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