The Curse of the Knee and other things

Ok, so I did go out this morning to complete Day 2. For the record, I did complete something, even if it wasn't quite up to par. Let me begin by saying, that I got in really late last night/this morning and I was tired. I don't know if that talking alarm clock didn't go off or if I (in my sleepy state) turned it off and got back in the bed. I have no recollection of either. Needless to say, I ran a little late this morning.

When I got out on that track (with my jogging buddy this time) I could tell that it would be a slow day. I also could see why I needed that day in between Days 1 and 2. This is the only week in this program that I'm having to jog all three days consecutively. I don't suggest it.

Well, like I said before, I did complete something. I completed 8 laps, which is regression, but in truth I was jogging more slowly than I usually do and my left knee was acting quirky so I had to walk a couple of times. My dad's side of the family is known for a bum knee. I'm not saying that this left knee of mine is it, but I'm just saying that we've been known to have a weird knee thing going on. I probably need to check out my form again and get some rest.

So what's the bottom line for me: Rest between runs and run properly.

Now I'm off to eat my breakfast and get ready for today's activities!


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