Cub Says Goodbye

After our second session at Grassy Creek, we all signed up for times in the computer lab to select our 5 best photos with the help of our two photographer teachers, Pat and Cub. For me, it wasn't that hard to narrow down the selection. The hard part comes if you have so many good pictures that it's hard to decide. In about 5 minutes, I picked out my 10 best shots.

Cub, commented as I scrolled through the pictures saying things like, "Ok," "Good," "Interesting," "Ummm" and so forth. I could tell by his body language and comments which ones he was going to pick. And, I was right.

Tootie, one of the facilitators, put together this really moving presentation using everyone's 5 pictures. Then she surprised us by creating a show of Pat and Cub's favorite pictures. Some of their pictures included pictures of us (the students) trying to make photographs. Cub even got a picture of me taking pictures of my food. That got a good laugh from the rest of the participants. The different expressions in the photographs were amazing too - from frustration (How do I work this camera?) to excitement (I finally think I got a good picture!) to exhaustion (Man, carrying this equipment up these steep hills ain't no joke!) to relief (Finally, dinner is served. Yes!). Stuff like that is what makes people cry. Not me, but I know I heard a few sniffles in that amphitheater.

After our show, Cub had to say goodbye. He had to get back to Oregon and so he left an evening earlier. I really enjoyed being his pupil and hearing his stories of how he evolved. It's great to hear other people's life stories. Well, it was time to say goodbye to Cub, but I do have an autographed copy of his book Beginner's Guide to Nature Photography as a source of inspiration.

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