What Would Oz Do?

I'm still on my work-related trip and I made an executive decision. It's called "Going with the Flo." I decided not to waste so much valuable mind-space wondering how I was going to keep up with my plan, because it's not possible - at least not for right now. I'm doing what I know to do until someone else suggests something better or I come up with a plan that I can do the next time I go out of town, and believe me, that will be coming around the corner. Anyways, today I made sure that I went to breakfast. Although a little rushed, I ate some grits, cornbeef hash, and scrambled eggs and had apple berry juice to drink. I grabbed a couple of fresh fruit just in case I got hungry and the snacks served were junk food.

My team-leader and I both presented some pretty decent lessons in our 6-hour workshop today. Maybe the brain food helped. (As a former non-breakfast eater, I must say that eating a warm breakfast does me well. Now I'm hooked.) Snack turned out to be pretzels and I got some fancy water - Le Bleu. I felt so French. Lunch was eventful, but I discovered some beef barley soup that was wonderful!!! Oh, I wish I had the recipe, and no, I didn't take a picture.

Dinner was amazing, although everyone at my table was only impressed with the dessert. Chef Eddie is making sure that we get to sample a variety of culinary delights. Tonight's style was Mediterranean. We had this seasoned grilled chicken breast atop what I presumed to be a sweet potato patty cake. I don't know what it was called, but I thought it was delicious. I could tell the dishes had some cumin in there and you know I love that smoky flavor. There was a tossed salad with balsamic vinegerette, but I'm getting kind of tired of salads. I have to agree with the rest of my group that the dessert was pretty good, but I may not be as ecstatic as they were about it - they even got seconds off of another table. It appeared to be a mixed berry pound cake, layered with this lemon filling, similar to the texture of a lemon or key lime pie. It was good, but one slice was enough for me.

I will upload some pictures, I did remember to take them this time, when I'm able to download them from my camera. Until then...

Oh, I wasn't able to complete my fitness plan for today, BUT, my suitemate and I decided to walk between meals from the cafeteria to our next locations. I think Dr. Oz would think that was an adequate accomodation. I can catch up on my fitness plan when I get home. What do you think?

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