What a Wonderful Lunch

Oh, I think I've found a new favorite "burger" - a homemade black bean veggie burger. I found the recipe at Allrecipes.com last night and knew this would be an easy meal to fix. I love black beans and the spices used are some of my favorites - cumin (I adore that smoky flavor), chili powder, and hot sauce (I opted for the Thai sweet chili sauce instead of the classic Texas Pete hot sauce). Despite the spices used, I don't consider this to be a spicy dish, just a flavorful one. And it took no time to make. The original recipe said you could grill or bake this burger. I'm a baker, not a griller, so you know which one I chose, but I bet this would taste even better grilled! I baked some fries as an accompaniment. A reviewer of this "burger" recipe said she baked some sweet potatoes for her side dish. I've never had that, but it sounds like a good alternative.

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  1. I really love how you captured this hamburger. Very nice use of selective depth of field and the colors are awesome.


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