Photographic Awakening

I went to my aunt's house this weekend to take photographs of her amazing pottery collection. She's trying to get some of her pieces on display at a local art gallery and needed to submit 5 digital images of the pieces of her choice. When I saw all that she had worked on this year, I was in awe! She is such a talented woman and I have so much respect for her humility about her gift from God.

We spent the late evening playing around with different angles and trying to catch the waning light, but when the clock struck around 10 P.M., it seemed like we had discovered something new. We used one of her lamps from her studio to cast light on the various subjects and they just gleamed in their beauty.

In the morning, I had my third wind and was ready to capture some more images. We set up a miniature studio with some white foam board and snapped, snapped away. I learned a lot about how the light from the sun changes so quickly and its effect on the camera. A lot of other interesting discoveries were made. I hope that I'm able to take this knowledge with me on my Photography retreat next week.

Anyways, I know over 200 photographs were taken with a 24 hour period. We categorized all the good prints in folders based on the type of glaze or technique that was used. Finally we were able to narrow down to the 5 images for her art gallery membership application. I hope that she is able to display her work in a gallery, but even if she doesn't make the cut, I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to work with her and her amazing pieces.

I'm not uploading pictures of the images that were taken this weekend, but if you're interested in seeing some of her other pieces including her paintings, you can view them at Transforming Spirit Art Studio.

* On 7/29/08 in the above left corner, I added one of the images of a piece of pottery my aunt made. Thanks, Duane! :-)


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