A New Place to Run

My friend and I went out this morning to complete our Day 2 for Week 3. She had been out of town as well and was only able to complete one of the days, so she decided she was going to run them back-to-back in order to keep on track. What's that saying, "Great minds think alike"? We were running a little late and those workers were out in our running spot so we had to go back to the park with the track. Remember the one with all of the hills? My sentiments exactly! Well, we completed our Day 2 and I actually broke out into a small sweat. Unbelievable. But, we finished, had a chance to catch up and dialog about our workshops and it felt good to have someone to run with. Even though I was glad to have the opportunity to go away for a while, my body was letting me know that it was time to come home. And now that I'm back, my body is saying, "Thank goodness!"


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