The Modest Jogger

When I was younger I was enamored with track-and-field. Maybe because my dad was a former college track star and coached a track team when I was a kid or maybe because I was a daddy's girl. But one of the things that hindered me in pursuing that sport further was the attire. I understand the science of wearing streamlined clothing, etc. I get that, but I never felt comfortable wearing what appeared to be a swimsuit with really short shorts. I ran in a skirt then and still do today. People ask, "How can you run in a skirt?" My response is, "Why not?" One inseam shouldn't hinder your ability to put one foot ahead of the other. Now I find out that I'm not alone.

I was looking online the other day and realized that companies have now designed running and athletic skirts. After all this time; go figure! has a couple of different designs; although the skirt length is fairly short. Mira Clothes has a very modest skirt called the Exerskirt for those who prefer a little length to their garments. There really are no excuses now for not being able to obtain a little physical fitness, but I guess the real lesson is a lesson in not allowing other people's opinions impede your own judgment.

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