Making Up for Lost Time

I can't believe that I actually overslept today. Well, truthfully, that's an on-going battle, especially in the summer when I'm "off" from work. I read somewhere that it's actually better for you to get up at a consistent time. A work in progress, I must admit.

At any rate, I slept right through the typical "breakfast time" but I decided that I was still going to each something for brunch. This afternoon I made a veggie and cheese omelet, using frozen pepper stir fry vegetables and some baby swiss and cheddar cheese. I have never been good at making omelets look pretty, but I sure did enjoy the taste. I accompanied my entrée with a red plum and a few grapes.

I've been charting my food intake on this food diary sheet and checking off the food groups represented by my intake, and I think some areas have greatly improved, but some areas, like milk, are hard for me to get the correct amount. I have a doctor's appointment next week and I'll bring in my food diary and discuss it with her and see what she says about that. Until then....


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