Lowcountry Eatin'

Last month I went to Charleston, SC for the first time. One of the meals I wanted to try was their version of shrimp and grits, and I finally got the chance. The group I was with ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. My bowl of shrimp and grits was delicious! But, you know I couldn't just stop at eating that dish one time; I had to find a way to try it out at home. I've seen many complicated shrimp and grits recipes before, but I wanted some help so while I was at the Open Market, I purchased a sack of Shrimp and Grits manufactured by Gullah Gourmet, Inc. There was a sale on the EZ-Peel jumbo shrimp at the grocery store this week, so I purchased a bag and quickly hurried home to beat the fast-approaching storm.

I made this shrimp and grits dish according to the directions: 1) Cook a pot of the yellow stoneground corn grits (supplied in the sack); 2) Simmer the gravy mix (also supplied in the sack); and 3) Sauté the shrimp (not supplied in the sack!). Once the shrimp were done, I added them to the gravy mix then ladled the gravy over a bowl of the grits. As the Gullah people would say, "Dat sure was tasty!" I think I'll venture out and try to make this dish on my own, because I'm not a fan of too many pre-packaged mixes. There are just too many ingredients that can't be pronounced in there!

Here it is up close:


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